Greeted by the trickling sounds of an exotic waterfall, accompanied by the sensational visuals of a stream surrounded by reeds. Not to forget, a giant tortoise shell at the very centre of the Royal Albert Hall, I knew I was in for a treat…


From acrobatic amphibians, to unicycling marvels, fearless roller skaters to dare devil trapeze artists, cirque du Soleil did not fail to amaze! The show’s underlying theme was to explore creation myths, playing with the idea of the birth and evolution of mankind. Personally the narrative element was unclear, was not needed, but I can see why the theme was chosen as it made for a great spectacle.

The jaw dropping performances were so strong that they completely stood on their own. It was clear that no expenses were spared when it came to the ever-changing scenic set. Not to mention the elaborate costumes. Add to the fact that the auditorium would constantly fill up with ummms’s, ahhh’s and rapturous applause, it was evident that the show created a fantastic feel good atmosphere. The show’s sound track, which drew influences from all over the world was simply stunning. For that reason, I give Totem an 8/10.

Written by Theatrefullstop