A tale of post war destruction, Creon the King of Thebes has claimed the lives of many and as a reward has gained a mighty army to ensure his tyranny…

Amongst this warfare and dictatorship lies the crux of the piece, Palamon and Arcite. Two cousins who although share the same bloodline, cannot deny their love for the Athenian Princess Emilia. I have to say that I am not as familiar with this Shakespearean piece as some of the others but it proved to be a delight to watch. Not to mention the powerful images created which to me spoke a thousand words, from the Thebans defeat in battle against Theseus to the forest literally coming alive as the Jailer’s daughter walks through it.

As a stage door closed, literally multiple opened as characters sang, danced and burst onto the stage from all over. I really believed that I was watching the lives of these characters as if I were a villager meandering through this vibrant world. The intimate space literally came alive and became dynamic with all of the ensembles performances. From its ritualistic scene changes to the ingenious use of minimal staging, each cast member brought colour to the text and created a world that was fast paced, lively and exuding with energy. For this, I have given the production an 8 out of 10!

Written by Theatrefullstop