Imagine what the world would be like with no adults, no rules or no structure? I’m sure when we were all young, this was the ultimate dream! For a group of seemingly perfect schoolboys this appears to be the case as they crash land onto a desert island after being evacuated from a war ridden Britain…

But will it be a bed of roses, or will the boys slowly realise that they have a lot of growing up to do? Amidst the initial setting of the gym class laid the foundations of the tropical Island, which they later become stranded on. I was immediately immersed into their tropical world as they successfully communicated the landscape around them. I felt that as they were discovering new nuances of the island, so were we as the audience. As an ensemble they effectively worked together to highlight certain themes of the play such as social order, alienation, following the masses, relationships and ultimately betrayal. They were a very strong cast who used physical theatre, dance, song and imagery to tell the story. As an audience member we observed the transformation of this ensemble from the petty playground politics of yesteryear to the bestial warfare, which they now face on a daily basis. Like the buzzing hum of swarming flies, they gathered together, they dispersed into separate swarms and when confronted by the enemy were swatted! All in all I really enjoyed Lord of the Flies and therefore give it a 4/5.

Written by Theatrefullstop