Hands Across the Sea performed by Nina Feldman is a one-woman show that questions the distance between us human beings whether it be nationally or internationally…

From sending postcards around the world, Nina wanted to see how many she would get back in return. This for me was one of the most engaging pieces of theatre I have seen. The piece wasn’t afraid to question certain subjects such as colonialism, where it was made apparent just how many places in the world are named after Queen Victoria. This highlighted the very fact that although this has made the world a smaller place, there is still a great distance between us people. I loved that there was audience participation, she broke the fourth wall and allowed for there to be a dialogue between both her as a performer and the audience. Her aim to bridge the gap and close the boundaries between the audience members proved to be very effective, as she didn’t do this in an intimidating manner. Through physical theatre, song, and video, this performance was very evocative, honest and true to Nina as well as remembering to keep the mood light and humorous at points. This for me was a great piece and so I give it a 4/5.

Hands Across The Sea
Created and performed by Nina Feldman
The Yard Theatre

Written by Theatrefullstop