The best selling Sophie Kinsella novel turned musical follows the lives of two couples whose paths manage to cross whilst on vacation in sunny Spain, but not all is what it seems as an old romance is rekindled…

From the very moment the musical started, the audience were transported from the everyday lives of both families, to the picturesque Spanish villa staging, which made for a great scenic backdrop for the drama to take place. I felt that there were great performances from the cast; in particular, Liza Pulman’s Amanda, who was a force to be reckoned with as the fiercely independent businesswoman trying to juggle her career prospects with family life. She stole the show with her bold musical number near the very end, which for me was the highlight of the performance.

Sabrina Alouche’s Jenna was brilliant as the nanny hired by Amanda and Philip. Vocally she was very strong and her endearing and witty characterisation brightened up the stage. However, for me, the piece would have worked a lot better as a drama. I felt the musical element didn’t really work well with the narrative. In terms of the narrative, it was very predictable for me; the show remained the same throughout and didn’t really go anywhere dramatically. All in all, I give Sleeping Arrangements 3/5.

Sleeping Arrangements

Directed by Robert Mcwhir

Written by Theatrefullstop