Dick Whittington @ Stratford East Theatre Royal Review

Starry eyed and ruled by ambition, Dick Whittington dreams of a better life, venturing to the legendary streets of Stratford on a journey that proves to be out of this world…

Pictured LtoR Ashley Gerlach, Tony Jayawardena, photo credit Robert Day (12)

This 19th century classic, re-imagined by Trish Cooke (Book and Lyrics) and Robert Hyman (Music and Lyrics/Musical Director) was quirky, eccentric and full of bold musical numbers and dance routines as Stratford met Science Fiction in this 2013 adaptation. With only his side kick Cool Cat to rely on, Dick Whittington has to gain the trust of his future fellow Lowdown residents, helping to fend off the villainous retorts of King Rat in the process. From the lively and colourful streets of Lowdown, to the mysterious craters of the moon, Jenny Tiramani and Harriet Barsby‘s stage and costume design were second to none, boldly animating the stage with impressive set pieces, that added an element of fun to the different worlds depicted. Ashley Gerlach‘s depiction of Dick Whittington was jovial, lively and dynamic, working brilliantly alongside his side kick, the camp and comical Cool Cat, played by Tony Jayawardena. Michael Bertanshaw’s king Rat was humorous, yet sinister, accompanied by his three feisty minions, Boom Town, B-Ratz, and Atouille, played by Ayesha Antoine, Miranda Menzies and Shelley Williams. Delroy Atkinson successfully took on the role of this years Pantomime Dame, continually making the audience laugh with his cheeky yet melodramatic moments, whilst Caroline Parker‘s Fairy Bow Bell served as the guardian and narrator of the piece, cleverly integrating sign language into the performance. Kerry Michael‘s direction was fun and inclusive, fusing elements of a traditional panto, such as audience participation, with an imaginative storyline! 4/5

Pictured Ashley Gerlach, photo credit Robert Day (1)

Dick Whittington is currently showing at Theatre Royal Stratford East until 11th January.

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Written by Theatrefullstop