Skitterbang Island @ The Little Angel Theatre Review

The worlds of treasure troves and sailing ships are usually assigned to the likes of swashbuckling pirates in pursuit of new undiscovered lands and wealth; chronicled into the pages of many fictionalised tales, characters find themselves pre-occupied with the many arduous adventures and quests that stand in their way. For one young protagonist, however, this becomes an unexpected reality as she finds herself lost at sea…


A co-production between Little Angel Theatre and Polka Theatre, Skitterbang Island is an endearing tale of friendship and adventure; as Uncle Edvard and his niece Marie find themselves swept away at sea whilst out on a leisurely sailing trip. Having been divided by the torrential tides and monstrous storms that lay ahead, both must battle the elements to find their way home.

Opera singers Sani Muliaumaseali’i and Natalie Raybould enchantingly transport the audience through a landscape of choppy seas, towering mountain tops and mysterious caverns; providing the voices of both characters through the medium of song. Muliaaumaseali’i adds an air of authority and sophistication as Uncle Edvard, whilst Raybould’s powerful soprano vocals animate Marie’s playful and innocent personality.

Lowri James sparks imagination as the title role of Skitterbang, an amiable yet solitary creature resigned to the unknown depths of his cavernous hideout. A creature with rabbit like ears and bat like wings, Skitterbang’s presence illuminates and astounds, especially during brief moments of audience participation as Skitterbang playfully flies through the space. Sue Dacre‘s puppetry design vividly and excitingly engages the audience whilst Laura McEwen’s eclectic and magical backdrop further creates a sense of escapism.

Peter Glanville directs a wondrous piece of children’s theatre, integrating themes of loss, discovery, reunions and friendship. A theatre production aimed at 3-8 year olds, Glanville cleverly incorporates the complex musical world of Opera into an artistic and comprehensible tale. 4/5


Skitterbang Island is currently showing at The Little Angel Theatre until Sunday 15th June. For more information on the production, visit here…

Written by Theatrefullstop