Party In the USA! @ Topside, Underbelly Review (Edinburgh Fringe)

Are you looking for something eccentric, energetic and entertaining? (If you are visiting the Fringe this year then most likely you are!) Then look no further then Party in the USA! The American theatre company JV Squad have created an incredible, high octane and physical telling of corruption, drugs, economy, politics, love and strudel. Set to a great soundtrack.


The plot is based on a true story and follows Jeff as he starts his temp job at Deutsche Bank, and tries to keep it whilst drinking Bud Light Lime and doing drugs with his friends in a stolen suite in the Plaza Hotel. During his time there he discovers through emails the imminent economic collapse… and a love affair between two of his co-workers. He manages to save the world (and help the lovers) through telling stories he learnt from his Russian Literature degree, which turns out not to be as useless as most of the characters first thought.

The plot line is complicated but the energy from the ensemble keeps the story moving and interesting right until the very end. There are no scene changes other then lighting and the occasional movement of furniture which allows for a constant flow to the story but with no stopping must require so much energy from the performers. There is even a cast member who plays drums and keyboards throughout and the only silence comes at the end of the show, making you realise how mad the last hour has been. There are two performers; Laura Moss and¬†Wil Petre, who have perfected German accents as Jeff’s co-workers, which are both impeccable. This coupled with their characterisation makes them the funniest German duo. The other cast members play Jeff’s friends (amongst other characters) however they also represent different views on economic and political opinions. All of the performers are very talented and their physical storytelling is the best I have seen so far at the Fringe. This show is not one you will forget in a hurry as not only is it highly entertaining, but also touches on some important issues. However, you will go away from it singing Party in the USA by Miley Cyrus! 5/5

Review written by Charlotte Claydon.

Party in the USA! is currently showing at Topside, Underbelly until Monday 25th August as part of this year’s Edinburgh Fringe Festival. For the more information on the production, visit here…

Written by Theatrefullstop