Theatrefullstop speaks to Stage Jobs Pro Site Manager Amelia Forsbrook about creating the perfect profile!

Amelia Forsbrook

We’re now living in the age of the internet, so a potential employer’s first port of call can very well be your social media profile or online cv. Therefore, it’s imperative to create that perfect first impression, as you may very well find yourself judged on the image you choose to project online. Home to over 30,000 theatre creatives, Stage Jobs Pro is one of the UK’s biggest casting websites, offering creatives the opportunity to sign up to an array of job opportunities, contact a network of fellow creatives as well as create an impressive portfolio of work for potential employees and contacts to view. Amelia Forsbrook, Stage Job Pro’s site manager speaks to Theatrefullstop about the ever popular castings website, what makes Stage Jobs Pro so unique and what makes for the perfect Stage Jobs Pro Profile!

You are currently the Site Manager for Stage Jobs Pro, could you explain what the site is used for?

Stage Jobs Pro is a dedicated resource for managing your career in the performing arts or events sector, and finding work. We take candidates on a journey, from bringing your files together into one neat portfolio, to distributing your cover letter, to engaging employers in those early conversations – and it’s a place to store those valuable contacts for when you’re next seeking work. I know that contracts in theatre may be short, but the connections you make are long-lasting. That’s why we’ve built really strong relationships with employers all over the UK, meaning that our members are the first to learn about the best jobs in theatre, and all are given in a place in our directory of available specialists (handy, for those frequent last-minute projects!).

How would a theatre professional access the site?

We like to think of ourselves as pretty welcoming – our site’s arms are wide open to everyone from ushers to directors to administrators to technicians. That said, we are a community of professionals – so make sure you either have that vital first credit, or professional training before creating your profile. After that, it’s just a case of signing in and telling us a bit about your experience of the stage.

What makes Stage Jobs Pro unique compared to other theatre casting and recruitment websites?

Oh it’s got to be the community vibe! Despite its size (Stage Jobs Pro is currently home to over 30,000 candidates, and sees around 100 new paid jobs posted every single week), the site has a really supportive atmosphere. You can message every single candidate in the site, post news of your event, or seek advice on the forum. We also put candidates in full control of their applications, with a space to store cover letters, the ability to see who’s viewed your application, and a chance to explore our employer directory. Whether you want to find employment or inspiration, our Industry Knowledge section is crammed full of useful contacts.

As the Stage Jobs Pro Site Manager, could you describe a typical day?

When you work this close to the stage, darlink, you never get a typical day – but my usual week involves a combination of drama school seminars across the UK, chats with the performing arts unions, and meetings with our technical development team to devise new ways of promoting our members. I also spend a good chunk of the day on the phone to employers (“yes, we’ll get a Wardrobe Manager for your international cruise before the day is out”).

It’s that time of year when 3rd year theatre students, whether that be performers or backstage staff will be looking to promote their skills and land their first professional job. What makes for a great Stage Jobs Pro Profile?

My motto is simple: use every single inch of your profile in the best way possible. Whether you’re choosing your profile image or penning your About Me section, selecting files for your Portfolio or listing the equipment you can operate, treat every single element of your profile as your only chance to make a first impression. Keep your profile updated, and be clear and factual about the skills you have. Don’t be afraid to ask your friends to peer review your profile, and contact us if you need extra advice!

Could you explain the types of membership you offer to theatre professionals?

Stage Jobs Pro’s premium service costs £20.40 per month, but a place in our directory is completely free. New members get a 30 day free trial to see if our service is for them.

What advice would you give to 3rd year theatre students, or for those looking to change their career to one in the arts?

Be persistent, proactive and friendly. I’m yet to meet anyone who thinks working in theatre is a walk in the park but, by and large, this is a remarkably supportive industry that nurtures the most dedicated. Good luck to you all.

Interview by Lucy Basaba.

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