The Twits @ The Royal Court Theatre Review

Roald Dahl‘s beloved story The Twits has been adapted by Enda Walsh for the Royal Court. The show follows the story of the stolen fairground and the Mugglewumps attempts to escape.

The Twits

Attempting to adapt such a famous and loved children’s book to stage is a difficult task. The set achieves the world beautifully. The magical way it moves and adapts brings the The Twits to life and immediately engages the audience. Unfortunately, the story does not sustain in the same way. The show has moments of brilliance. Through out Jason Watkins and Monica Dolman give an outstanding performances as Mr Twit and Mrs Twit with brilliant comic timing and are as every bit disgusting as they should be. The Mugglewumps short plays are also very entertaining. However, the story is fairly repetitive and often dips in energy. The pay off at the end of the show is hugely rewarding, when the twits get their comeuppance but this doesn’t make up for the troths in the narrative.

The choice of pop punk music as The Twits theme song makes the show feel contemporary whilst staying true to Roald Dahl’s world. The live music also greatly enhances the piece such as the Mugglewumps ballad which is beautifully sung. The relationship between the little Mugglewump and the Handsome Waltzer Boy add great moments of comedy to the show.

It is full of The Twits famous pranks and nasty charms but the production has the air of a family Christmas show which is full of spirit but lacking in detail. 3/5

Review written by Lucy Bishop.

The Twits is currently showing at the Royal Court Theatre until Sunday 31st May. For more information on the production, visit here…

Written by Theatrefullstop