Garden @ The Pleasance Courtyard (Edinburgh Fringe Festival 2015) Review

Garden, is an enlightening amalgamation of new writing, ravishing characterisation and simplicity to please the masses. Strikingly presented for The Pleasance, Lucy Grace evokes, explores and evaluates the monotonous life of one Londoner, in a unique, life fulling, self-defined prophecy kind of way.


In collaboration with the Edinburgh Fringe Festival, this play not only offers elements of storytelling, but also creative direction and solo performance structure. This production denotes an essence of the weird and wonderful, alluding to numerous amounts of foliage, a pigeon called Colin and a company of one unbelievably absurd yet humble individual.
This production is blindingly beautiful providing colour, instinctive imagery and props to behold your eye’s amusement. Within this production the detailing is the thing to witness, denoting particular plants, natural habitats and description that even I could not argue against. This production holds within it pure authentic entertainment and amusement. The production is unique not only for its construction but also for the often over looked knowledge that the play is both written and performed by Lucy. This can only reveal that the story could questioningly be an autobiographical piece, opening up the possibilities of believability, engagement and sense of relativity.

Lucy, impresses with her pedantic sense of bewilderment and mesmerising ability to engage, placed within this very real London bubble. This production is entirely pleasing with each audience member revelling in the aesthetic of the Garden, situated in a beautifully presented office meets jungle vibe. Within this production it is important to note that not only is the acting convincing, but the design elements are also humorously genuine, innovative and charismatic. This production is a show of many levels, employing varied dramatic devices to create a sense of originality, with a creative enhancement towards the emotional vulnerability and life guidance/ misdirection of said character.
Garden is a show about creation, beauty and pleasure, it upholds a story of great detail, intricacy and precision. Within the piece there is a developed sense of plot, arc and equilibrium. There are many moments of intense speech, accurate impersonations and the occasional moment of magic, where a balloon pops out of a filing cabinet, perfection. Within the production there is a connotation of a multitude of themes which include passion, nature and growth. These are all explored within a one woman performance guaranteed to amuse and charm, all demonstrated perfectly with quick transitions that are creative and precise.
It is a production of colour, awe striking imagery and universality for all ages, even though there is a highlighting of non-standard English. All of the detailing is sublime enhancing an audience’s enjoyment, whilst presenting varied emotions, settings and characters. Within the piece there is a real introduction of metaphor, imagine Lucy as a plant herself, growing, breathing and becoming a thing of beauty and wonder. This production is truly beautiful and is a must see, it offers an opportunity to wonder upon an absurd sense of life directional choices. As a piece of writing it is truly remarkable, enthralling and full of surprises. 4.5/5

Review written by Meg Mattravers.

Garden is currently showing at the Pleasance Courtyard as part of this year’s Edinburgh Fringe Festival until Monday 31st August. For more information on the production, visit here…

Written by Theatrefullstop