Vera Tussing Projects present: The Palm of Your Hand at The Place Theatre Review

Captivating, intriguing and very abstract, Vera Tussing Projects presents The Palm of Your Hand at The Place Theatre, London. A merge between dance and physical theatre the piece invites audiences to follow the performers into the space, discarding all belongings to the side of the large dark studio, before exploring the area independently. There are no seats as the piece itself is a collaboration between the theatre makers and the audience. One cannot exist without the other in this experimental but deeply questionable production.


The cast consists of four performers, who are contained within a large circle to which the audience are the boundaries. Dancers engage closely with individuals in the round, talking them through instructions and using intimate hand to hand contact. Some parts of the piece could even be considered playful, as during a section of the work the performers begin high fiving each person around the space. Raising the energy level and creating a clear team effort between the artists and spectators.

The Palm of Your Hand leaves you in a state of utter confusion. There are no answers but observations and senses of realisation. This piece captures audiences not only through committed close contact but also through the use of set and lighting to create a moody and dynamic atmosphere. Smoke machines and lighting effects create walls of smoke that the dancers encourage audiences to examine before leaving the space in their own time.

It is fair to say that this performance throws you in at the deep end as an audience member and is not for the faint hearted. Being open minded and engaged in the abstruse nature of the work helps each individual adapt his/her mind-set and feel relaxed in participating within the piece. As well as a more heightened awareness of the body and its capabilities. Be prepared to feel perplexed in this collaborative, compelling and unique piece of work that will leave you feeling speechless.

Review written by Luke Redhead.

The Palm of Your Hand is currently showing at The Place until Wednesday 14th October. For more information on the production, visit here…

Written by Theatrefullstop