Gravity Fatigue @ Sadlers Wells Review

Truly Mesmerising and full of content, Gravity Fatigue catapults you into a captivating world of dance. Futuristic and innovative choreographer Damien Jalet has produced something quite stunning. Along with Artistic director and designer Hussein Chalayan it is a match made in heaven. The set is spectacular, with striking lighting effects and an intense musical arrangement that creates a moody atmosphere, that grabs the audience’s attention from the get go.

Gravity Fatigue

Based on an abstract score, the performance explores what it is like to drift between an imagined dream-like world, yet relating and evolving to our day to day activities. Scenes include and engage in the art of fashion, and the merge between the dancers bodies and their costumes add a whole new layer to the production. The material at points wraps itself around the performer without them having to move it, leaving the bewildered audience trying to work out how on earth these tricks are possible.

The piece is filled with dynamic and eye catching images, graphics and movements. From elastic costuming in which dancers throw themselves about the space forming varying shapes, to a shirtless dancer having a hologram of themselves dressed projected on to them. Taking this idea of fashion into an almost digital realm. These effects make the relatively blank set come alive and add colour to a marginally white backdrop, which by the end of the piece ends by forming pillars of light in which dancers are seen within, creating a quirky and vibrant image within the space.

Gravity Fatigue is a work of art and will shock audience members with its style, storyline and of course its involvement of the human body. Pushing your imagination to the limits!

Review written by Luke Redhead.

Gravity Fatigue is currently showing at Sadler’s Wells until Saturday 31st October. For more information on the production, visit here…

Written by Theatrefullstop