Lines @ The Yard Theatre

Based on four soldiers life’s in the British Army, Lines at the Yard Theatre is a story of camaraderie and the effects of war. Set in an army barracks, these mates are a team and if one fails they all fail and must suffer the consequences.


Ordered around by a drill sergeant, represented by a booming voice echoed throughout the space, to the point where the figure is almost godlike. As this occurs, projections are beamed onto the white backdrop behind the set showing the soldiers either in battle or conducting drills, breaking the marginally comedic nature of the piece which is prominent throughout.

The piece is full of vigour and the characters are very likeable, allowing the audience to fully immerse themselves within the piece, plus they make direct eye contact with audience members allowing an almost one to one conversation to occur. The performance also explores the challenges of race, sexuality and loneliness within the army, and how one must deal with the challenges head on. These touching topics definitely effect the comrade’s relationship in the barracks, and turn an almost playful atmosphere into one that is awkward and argumentative.

When walking into the space during the opening and the interval the cast never stop performing. Talking, messing around and even cleaning up the stage, the piece is kept alive even during breaks. As well as this there are quotes posted along the back wall by specific military individuals, discussing war in the world today, which further highlights the importance of what these soldiers do for Queen and country. During the end of the performance the characters tell stories of the battle field and how they fought valiantly until eventually facing their deaths as a result. Putting into perspective what these young men do for a living. The audience are left in a state of realisation, knowing no one can escape the horrors of war.

Review written by Luke Readhead.

Lines is currently showing at the Yard Theatre until Saturday 21st November. For more information on the production, visit here…

Written by Theatrefullstop