Medea @ The Gate Theatre Review

Who could have predicted that the story of Medea could be so playful, energetic and a barrel of laughs? Centred on Medea’s children, Jasper and Leon, this piece is set in a kids bedroom which you get to explore when taking your seats within the theatre. As these two cheeky chappies run around the space, firing toy guns and talking to their pet fish, one finds themselves drawing upon their own childhood.


The play starts with Jasper trying to get his elder brother to wake up, and getting frustrated at failing to do so. Trying everything from, calling mum to threatening to ‘fart’ in his face. These lively boys are little trouble makers, but never the less you learn to really connect with them as characters. Also, throughout the piece, their mother  makes unexpected entries through the locked bedroom door and as an audience you can sense the trauma and deep anger she has towards her husband, and his new ‘female interest’. Going from a soft and light hearted moment with the boys, to a cloud of misery as their grieving mother enters the room. Leaving everyone in the theatre knowing full well that a bigger crisis is going to unfold, one that will shock and confuse those watching even when leaving the theatre space.

Kate Mulvany and Anne-Louise Sarks really allow for the audience to enter a new and intimate world in which to take a unique and unexpected look at a piece that is known for its dark and sinister nature. One becomes engrossed in the characters and connected to the story, which overall makes this performance such a pleasure to watch. Quite a quirky take on an old classic!

Review written by Luke redhead.

Medea is currently showing at the Gate Theatre until Saturday 5th December. For more information on the production, visit here…

Written by Theatrefullstop