Africarmen @ The Place Theatre Review

Combining contemporary dance with an Afro-Caribbean twist, Tavaziva‘s Africarmen takes audiences on a journey through the extremities of the human body. Dealing with the themes of death, love and temptation.


Throughout the piece the dancers engage in fierce movements, reaching across all areas of the dark and deserted space. Beginning with an almost playful dance sequence, leading on to a battle like scenario in which the two male leads fight over the females. In one part of the piece in particular the dancers are dressed head to toe in military attire and begin to conduct an almost ‘drill like’ exercise, whilst still committing to the harsh nature of the dance. Putting forth striking images to visualise as an audience member, but ones that catch the eye and give the performance bursts of life.

However, albeit the dancers demonstrated impressive skill, the piece itself lacks in uniqueness and does not create that all important ‘wow factor’ that people crave when seeing productions. At some points it is possible to switch off and be unable to recall what happens as the show progresses.

Overall, a fine dance performance with a great deal of content and impressive tricks. Yet, on a whole, something is missing and results in my personal disinterest as an audience member. Perhaps the meaning of the piece is too abstract and as a result gets clouded amongst the repetitive sections of dance happening throughout. Sadly, not a stand out performance.

Review written by Luke Redhead.

Africamen was shown at The Place on Friday 13th November, and is now on tour. For more information on tour dates, visit here…

Written by Theatrefullstop