Sadler’s Sampled @ Sadler’s Wells Review

What a place of inspiration! We enter to the bustle of people and dance everywhere! Breakers, Tango, salsa and contemporary dancers pop up in little bursts of performances, engaging with the audience and that’s just in the foyer and mezzanine. Once we are seated we are presented with short videos of the artists telling us a little about their background and piece.



First up is Outlier, choreographed by Wayne McGregor. This piece was originally choreographed on the New York City Ballet. The contemporary dancers in neutral colours fluidly capture the melodramatic heights of this piece. High stakes are intensely felt through fast pace and articulation of each body part. The conflict is played through each performer and great use of space.

The finalist of BBC Young Dancer 2015, Vidya Patel performs a duet, Khoj –The Search. Patel brings live musicians on stage with her and also records her own voice on stage and dances to her voice which is really refreshing to see. Kathak is a Northern Indian style of dance which incorporates mime and storytelling. It is great to see her bring this colourful style to Sadlers Wells.

The Winner of BBC Young Dancer 2015 Connor Scott performs his Solo, Get Up which is made to inspire the young generation to get off their phones and move. There is no denying he is a fantastic dancer and inspiration to this generation, he sure does give us a sample and leaves us wanting more.

Tango Duets danced by Julia Hiriart Urruty and Claudio González are a saucy and passionate array of skill and flow, the chemistry between the pair is very clear and as the audience we very much feel part of their story.

Zenaida Yanowsky performs a ballet called The Dying Swan, choreographed by Michel Fokine where beautiful elegance and poise is maintained through out the whole performance.

The Ruggeds performed a raw piece called Adrenaline. The great thing about this world champion b-boy crew is that it’s not about the lines and synchronicity that make it beautiful to watch, it is pure untamed emotion and amazing skill that makes it so watchable.

Sadler’s Sampled does its job and  leaves me wanting more and enjoying more dancing on the way out. 4/5

Review written by Jessica Andrade.

Sadler’s Sampled was shown at Sadler’s Wells from Friday 29th until Saturday 30th January. For more information on Sadler’s Wells productions, visit here…

Written by Theatrefullstop