25 Stories @ The Blue Elephant Theatre Review

Fringe has come to London, in the form of a solo standup comedy show, hosted by The Blue Elephant Theatre, in Oval. Situated within a residential area this theatre emanates fringe in every way possible. In this solo show of literature, short stories and standup, Alex Watts discusses fan fiction, classic literature and presents his own writings, in a humorous yet informative way.

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‘Alex Watts worked in bookshops for years. This left him broken, embittered and incurably addicted to books, stories and words. Come to see him tell his own strange and dreadful stories, from the extremely short, to the really unbelievably brief. Where did Shakespeare go when he died? Why did that horse walk into pub? Where does punctuation come from, and is yours free range? Angry, inventive, and with at least one genuine attempt to bring about total world peace, 25 Stories was written just for you.’

Alone on stage Alex presents a well structured, balanced comedy show that allows the audience to enter into a world of make-believe and fantasy. This show illuminates the world of literature, exploring characters, situations and causes of writing. This informal show entertains and amuses presenting relatable material and content, performed by a somewhat ‘nerdy guy’. Watts introduces you to literature within popular culture, mimicking well known tv series’, fan fiction and literature theorists. This show is simple but effective, Watts an enduring character offers a multitude of different elements, presenting something for everyone.

25 stories is a show that includes interaction, humourous moments but above all else the talented writing of Watts. Embedded within the show the stories are engaging, detailed and altogether well-written. The show, set in a black box studio is minimalistic, allowing for the stories to create the set, a fictional world immerses the audience as Watts tells the descriptive stories. The interjection of comedy allows for an evening of laughter and entertainment. Within the production there are several moments that I believe could improve. Watts as a solo performer, could possibly work on the dynamics of his voice, allowing for a rounded performance, that offers moments of silence and volume. Whilst watching the show it is evident that Watts is a passionate and dedicated comedian/performer and I personally hope to see this show at this years Fringe Festival. I leave the production laughing, with a deep hunger and passion to write a short story that is as engaging, enlightening and humorous as the ones I viewed. 2.5/5

Review written by Meg Mattravers.

25 Stories is currently showing at the Blue Elephant Theatre until Saturday 19th March. For more information on the production, visit here…

Written by Theatrefullstop