Words Words Words @ Leicester Square Theatre Review

Words have the ability to inspire, teach, entertain, break hearts, anger, confuse… the list is endless. They are a currency all of their own, and arguably increase in value as we age. This is the primary manner in which as humans we communicate, and it is 2nd nature, we don’t question it. It’s a fact of life.

Lowri Amies in Words, Words, Words (c) Lowri Amies (3)

Lowri Amies places a microscope on the forever evolving nature of words in the aptly titled Words Words Words. Although Lowri presents a considered piece of theatre, the true protagonist of the evening is the rich vocabulary presented, a mixture of the fictional with Shakespearean verse versus the realities of everyday life and it’s harshness. The prevelance of loss haunts the evening. Here lies a young woman attempting to make sense of her mother’s sad passing via her mother’s positive rhetoric and assurance that everything will be ok… however inevitably not being. This presents a complicated relationship between the truth and the veil we place as humans on situations to cope, making for the beginnings of a very insightful study.

With the help of some of Shakespeare’s most famous texts, Lowri’s love for perfomance and literature is loud and clear. This jostling between Shakespearean text and the everyday is smart, starting life as a beautiful tool, and highlighting the power of light bulb memory – the idea of remembering exactly what you were doing on the hearing of significant news, however begins to create an atmosphere of confusion due to the sudden and constant switch.

Books adorn the intimate stage, revealing a host of surprises. Lowri’s language arrests, at certain points  her true ability to craft meticulous verses taking centre stage. This piece offers a wide range of ideas on a very complex topic, and gets you thinking about the power of speech. 3.5/5

Review written by Lucy Basaba.

Words Words Words is currently showing until Saturday 21st May at the Leicester Square Theatre. For more information on the production, visit here…

Written by Webmaster7