Miss Revolutionary Idol Berserker @ The Barbican Pit Theatre (LIFT Festival 2016) Review

A rain poncho. Earplugs. Hand in your belongings. Are you ready to experience what can only be described as Takeshi’s Castle on ecstasy, absurd, frenetic, intense but such a laugh. Presented in collaboration with LIFT Festival, the Barbican Pit hosts Extreme Voices’ Miss Revolutionary Idol Berserker. This show is something ‘I have never seen before’, an immersive production that you will either love or hate.


Exploring themes of idol pop fantasy, Japanese underground performance and subcultures, this energetic, merciless performance conveys a strong message, whilst throwing seaweed and sushi in your face. At the helm of this production is director Toco Nikaido, who adopts a methodology of wild, frenetic performance that presents mixed perspectives within an indefinable genre, this show is stand alone. From the offset you know this show is going to be different, welcomed by an MC pre-warning you of the evenings events, there is a nervousness coveted with excitement. Then the show begins and for the next 40 minutes you are invited to clap, cheer, dance and participate, in what can only be described as a Japanese musical that features a food fight, provocative dance sequences, and a rave with multicoloured glow sticks.

This is a happy miraculous, hysterical, participatory piece of world-class entertainment, that celebrates youth, being alive, and living in the moment. It is a show that encourages you to lose your inhibitions, to get involved and get loose, after all what could be more inviting than partying with over 25 Japanese performers. This show provides much needed relief from a city, (London) that is so demanding and often repetitive, I could not think of a better way to pass an evening.

This show illuminates the world and culture of Japan throwing you into a performance that is wild whilst also controlled, and choreographed with precision. Whilst watching the show the energy exerted by the tireless cast is unbelievable and a trait one can recognise from the fast paced subculture. Miss Revolutionary Idol Berserker is passionate, dedicated and above all else relentless, but I personally urge you to experience it. I leave the production laughing, whilst being followed by the scent of seaweed and tofu. 4/5

Review written by Meg Mattravers.

Miss Revolutionary Idol Berserker is currently showing at the Barbican Pit until Saturday 2nd July. As part of this year’s LIFT Festival. For more information on the production, visit here…

Written by Theatrefullstop