NeXT: Kloe Dean- Journey of Growth @ The Barbican Review

Kloe has been dancing with Boy Blue Entertainment for the last 10 years. She is an established artist within the Hip Hop dance scene. Her work has been showcased at numerous dance platforms such as Move It London and Breakin’ Convention. Kloe Set up her dance company Myself UK Dance when she was 18 and has continued to push her female performers.


Courtesy of The Barbican.

Journey of Growth is very inspiring for young people and celebrates women within the hip hop art form. The show starts with Kloe in the spotlight with very sensitive sensual movements, representing her growing and finding her own style. We are then greeted by her all female ensemble, they are all in sync and connected as a strong team. There is a strong theme of feminism and supporting each other rather than comparing and pointing out differences.

A voice is heard telling the girls to put make up on and look good, all 8 are on stage now, showing signs of distress and being uncomfortable. Each female moves in a different style and flow to represent their individualism. They group together again to regain strength and are a force not to be reckoned with. The show poses the question, ‘why do we spend our time tearing each other down’ when in reality we are stronger together and we all have these insecurities?
The first half celebrates the old school Missy Elliot track Sock It To Me in a cool sexy way without being to overtly sexualised. Alicia keys tracks follow with some iconic hat choreography with beautiful flow. These artists and songs along with Kloe’s choreography represent a time in music and style when Hip Hop dance was at its all-time high.

The second half is at a faster pace with grime music, bashment and old skool garage. The women on stage are liberated and free and it is beautiful to see them unapologetic in being strong and fierce. These women are not to be seen as objects but equals and they do not want to conform to society’s ideals of beauty to always be seen as sexual beings.
I encourage audiences to see this all female crew and watch them celebrate women of today being whoever they want to be. Kloe and her dance crew Myself UK Dance are ones to watch for the future. They have a regular Hip Hop Class at Studio 68 London every Sunday 1-2.30. 4/5

Review written by Jessica Andrade.

NeXT is currently showing at the Barbican until Sunday 29th January. For more information on the production, visit here…


Written by Theatrefullstop