Strictly Come Dancing’s Oti Mabuse talks about her latest show, Rhythm of the Night!


D4F6D1CA-96A3-459F-8A29-E09E9FB80AAEA household name on the BBC’s much loved entertainment show ‘Strictly Come Dancing’, Oti Mabuse has dazzled viewers with her ability to craft memorable showstopping routines as well as showcase her technical prowess during professional dance numbers. Strictly has once again finished for the year however fans of the show can watch Oti and fellow Strictly alumni Ian Waite embark on a tour with their debut show Rhythm of the Night. Find out what inspired Oti to become a dancer, how both Oti and Ian approached choreographing the show and what you can expect!

Hi Oti! You’ll be performing Rhythm of theNight at The Towergate Theatre and Civil Hall next April, how are you feeling ahead of the show?

I’m really excited [about] the tour, it’s my very first tour and I can’t wait to get into a project that I believe in 100% from beginning to the end. I want to become a choreographer or creative director and this will definitely be something towards my dream career.

You’ll be dancing with fellow Strictly Alumni, Ian Waite, how did the collaboration occur?

He contacted me early this year looking for a leading lady to join him on his tour and I jumped at the opportunity

How do you both work together to choreograph the show?

Ian is extremely talented and so funny he’s got a lot of knowledge and a personality on stage that you’re drawn to. I love having a good time, I work hard and love to be artistic and choreograph and the combination will be one to remember. A show full of laughs and art.

What can audiences expect from the show?

I love choreographing, the audience can expect an intimate evening where they get to know both Ian and myself personally and get into the love of dance that we have and amazing dancing and entertainment of course!

You started dancing at the age of 4, had you always dreamt of a career in ballroom dance?

Yes, I always wanted to dance; it’s the perfect job where you get to express yourself for a living.

Who or what has inspired your dance career?

My family have played a huge role in my life and my sister who is a world class dancer has always been my inspiration

What is the biggest challenge in terms of pursuing a career as a dancer?

The availability of work, we are very blessed and lucky to be able to make a living.

What advice would you give to aspiring dancers and choreographers?

Stay focused and relax, great things take time!

Questions by Lucy Basaba.

Rhythm of the Night will tour from Tues 20th March until Sun 17th June 2018 around the UK. To find out more about the tour, visit here…


Written by Theatrefullstop