Blood Rider @ We Are One Festival (Online Stream) Review

Situated within a Lagos (Nigerian) hospital, filmmaker Jon Krasbe and his team spent a month documenting the pregnancies of six women and four blood delivery drivers across a 1 month time period. Their documentary Blood Ridersbringing to light Joseph and Deborah’s pregnancy journey.

Blood Rider 2

We’re transported to the busy highways of Lagos, Joseph’s labyrinth as his critical role of transporting blood supplies to hospitals witnesses him risking his life daily to ensure those in most need are cared for – a silent hero. His unpredictable commutes intertwined with his partner Deborah preparing a meal for the household, a maternal presence soon to welcome their new born into the world showcases a genuine sense of care shared by both in terms of how they interact with others, although we never see the two together, it’s apparent how strong their connection is.

Krasbe is sensitive to the subject matter of motherhood, we witness Deborah’s experience of pregnancy – we’re shown how resilient she is, how strong she is, making this an emotional watch. Joseph’s role intersects with Deborah’s hospital experience and this further depicts their connection, even though they’re apart. Blood Riders is beautifully filmed, I shed a tear towards the end – thoughtful and considered.

Review written by Lucy Basaba.

Blood Rider 1

Blood Riders is currently available to view here…

Written by Theatrefullstop