GRIP @ The Reading Fringe Festival (Online Stream) Review

Our relationships and how we interact with others around us help form our realities and perceptions of the world, relationships our foundations for helping us to figure out who we are, but complex in nature. Exploring this notion in their award winning show GRIP, Nothing to Perform showcase an ambitious piece of work cleverly shifting in form. Originally performed as part of the International Youth Arts Festival, and filmed by online streaming service LIVR, GRIP forms part of this year’s Reading Fringe Online Festival.


Dealing with the loss of his mother, Trev (Scott Howland) finds his relationship with his father (Drew Paterson) strained as they both attempt to get on with daily life as normal. Trev seeking solace in noting down his thoughts in a world of words, his father trying his best to discuss how they’re both feeling – any chances of articulating to each other how they are dealing with the loss unsuccessful. Intertwined with Louise dealing with her parents’ divorce and deflecting any questions by friends trying to figure out how she genuinely feels, GRIP establishes a world tackling trauma, issues relatable to many.

The show’s situational, authentic feel offers a snapshot of normality, Howland writes a piece placing an importance on the conversations had between the ensemble, Harriet Taylor directs a genre shifting show, melding the feeling of normality with a constantly loud and glitching world – its dark and turbulent points the basis for tackling issues of mental health, class, consent and gender. The show’s pace ensures that it’s ever moving, its topical nature constantly making you question and form your own conclusions. GRIP showcases Nothing to Perform’s edginess and boldness when tackling tough issues, as well as their commitment to showcasing the work of working class artists.

Review written by Lucy Basaba.

Grip is currently showing as part of the Reading Fringe Festival until Monday 31st August. To find out more about the production, visit here…

Written by Theatrefullstop