Still, Here @ Hackney Town Hall (Walking Tour) Review

A response to current theatre closures and keeping in line with social distancing restrictions, Access All Areas Theatre have curated an 8 stage tour of Hackney, a tour offering insight into the thoughts and feelings of the company’s members during this unprecedented time. Starting off at Hackney Town Hall, the 90 minute tour not only places centre the voices of learning disabled and autistic artists but also highlights locations significant to the artists behind the audio.

Although timed at roughly 90 mins long, there’s no set allocated duration due to the relaxed format of the tour – so there’s no pressure to reach certain points at set times, adding to the experiences’s relaxed nature. Perfect for those who are and are not familiar with Hackney as the tour is an opportunity to deepen your understanding of local Hackney spots or learn about the borough from scratch, 8 audio clips at roughly 5 minutes long adding heart to the East London setting.

Still, Here is an insightful listen, testimonies from Rufaro Asuquo, Ben Caffrey, Paul Christian, Nancy Clayton, Alain English, Joe Jermome, Ana Vic, Tom Rees and Joe Spencer contribute an added audio landscape to the current quietness of local settings due to our current situations. Helen Bryer and Adam Smith direct a thoughtful experience, a chance to connect with the borough and slow down whilst taking in the thoughts of the company, the show’s conclusion in particular summing up the unpredictability of this year. Audio files are also available to listen to post the experience, the 8-stage map imprinted in memory as you listen again. A creative response to our new normal.

Review written by Lucy Basaba.

Still, Here is currently available to experience until Saturday 31st October 2020. To find out more, visit here…

Written by Theatrefullstop