Director Dominic Garfield talks about HighRise Theatre’s Grime Rave Show Lil.Miss.Lady Streaming Online for a one off performance

Celebrating Grime’s 20 year journey, a music form deriving from an array of other UK based genres such as Garage and Funky House, HighRise Theatre’s Dominic Garfield recognises the need to highlight contributions made – particularly by women within the genre as well as showcase how the form continues to evolve. Currently enjoying mainstream success, it’s important to learn about the genre’s past, as well as its present, and to celebrate those who don’t receive the recognition that they deserve, as it is those who often help shape the culture. Ahead of digital theatre rave Lil.Miss.Lady taking place on Friday 23rd October via Contact, Manchester Theatre, Dominic tells us more about what to expect from the show.

Hi Dominic, your digital theatre show Lil.Miss.Lady will be available to experience at home on Fri 23rd October. How are feeling ahead of the showing?

Feeling hype, mate. I’m ready for this. Born to do it like Craig David. Gonna be a big one to put together but it’s gonna be worth it when we see people vibing and enjoying the event. 

Lil.Miss.Lady is a part rave, part drama taking the audience on a journey through the genres of UK Garage, Sub-Low, Funky House, Dubstep – genres that have influenced the creation of Grime within the UK. What inspired you to explore these genres further?

These are genres that have inspired me through my life. I am a Grimeologist, with a wealth of industry experience as both an artist, a businessman and a fan. I knew once I got into theatre and trained in classical techniques, that my place in the industry was to blend grime and theatre to create a sick experience for first time theatre goers and young people. 

After a couple other projects that used grime as a way to express narrative, Lil.Miss.Lady has cemented HIghRise‘s style and practice and is the cornerstone of our artistic catalogue as a company.

The show is inspired by interviews with influential Grime artists including Lioness, Lady Stush and Queenie. How did you find this part of the creative process? 

The best bit of the research by far. These are women that I looked up to growing up and have listened to them and watched them perform since I was 14/15. They didn’t let me down either. They are the most gracious, smart, and open people to work with. The ladies generously shared stories with me about their journeys in the industry and we remain in touch to this day!

The show stars MC Lady Lykez who’ll be performing her music. Why was it important to feature her work?

Listen, it’s just important to understand the power of this artist. I have worked with a lot of people in my life in music, theatre and film and Lykez is one of the forces that you don’t forget about, sitting there at the edge of your seat when she performs. 

Please check out Lady Lykez. It is the best decision you’ll make this month. 

There’ll be pre and post show DJ sets from DJ Kaylee Kay and other special guests. How have you collaborated with the DJs taking part to realise the show?

Kaylee has been a part of the project since pretty much the beginning. We saw her perform a mix for us at an audition and we left the place sweating from dancing after 5 minutes. Couldn’t cope lol. We had to jump on mic and go in straight away. 

What can audiences expect from the show?

Something completely different, relevant, and authentic. A mixture of a Boiler Room set and rave footage, huge vibes and heavy bass! 

What would you like for audiences to take away from the show?

Hope and joy. Fun and excitement. Big vibes. Expect to be transported to the early noughties when life was simpler, music was analogue, and people didn’t give two f**ks about washing their hands.

Questions by Lucy Basaba.

Lil.Miss.Lady will be available to stream on Friday 23rd October from 8pm. To find out more about the production and to book tickets, visit here…

Written by Theatrefullstop