Christmas Royale @ The London Cabaret Club review

Bringing in the festive season and marking the beginning of the gradual return of live theatre again, The London Cabaret Club welcome theatre goers back into their Central London based venue with their Christmas rendition of production London Never Dies, titled Christmas Royale.

Encouraging guests to embrace the spectacle of live theatre, guests are invited to arrive pre-show to enjoy the venue’s accomadating lounge/bar area before dining and enjoying the show. A chance to wind down and catch up with friends, the pre-show’s accompaniment of live Christmas classic renditions set the evening’s festive tone. The London Cabaret Club are committed to creating an experience, especially after a year that has seen theatres closed due to the pandemic, it’s lovely to be back in a live performance space.

Tying in their London Never Dies staple production to cater to the end of the year, their resulting show Christmas Royale meshes James Bond classics with some of our festive favourites; well known theme songs such as Sheena Easton’s For Your Eyes Only, Shirley Bassey’s Diamonds Are Forever and Goldfinger, Madonna’s Die Another Day, Alicia Keys and Jack White’s Another Way to Die, Adele’s Skyfall amongst others delivering the evening’s glamorous soundtrack. An evening honouring the ensemble, the London Cabaret Club troupe contribute glamour to the performance, samba, commercial and jazz routines a throwback to the extravagant routines of the golden era of entertainment. 

Guests dine as performances take place, this encouraging a relaxed laidback atmosphere throughout. Dependent on when you arrive, the experience is roughly 3+ hours long, so this can determine your evening. The evening’s structure lends itself to a variety show format; certain performances standing out as a result – a cyr wheel piece and daring rollerblading act my personal highlights. The production’s structure could be cleaner, this in turn adding more precision. Split into acts, the concept ties in a dining experience with performance pieces, the idea being that guests are constantly immersed and entertained. A fun concept for an evening out, its structure will really help to realise the show’s potential. 

A friendly and welcoming atmosphere established from the moment you step in, Christmas Royale is light hearted, a chance to get into the Christmas spirit. Well done to the cast and crew for putting on a show in what has been an unpredictable year!

Review written by Lucy Basaba.

Christmas Royale is currently showing until Wednesday 30th December at the London Cabaret Club. To find out more about the production, visit here…

Written by Theatrefullstop