Nevergreen @ Living Record Festival Review

Born in Pennsylvania in 1907, marine biologist, author and conservationist Rachel Carson would go on to shape the global environmental movement we’ve progressively witnessed being addressed today. Drawing inspiration from the influential biologist, the wonderful illustrate Carson’s inquisitive approach, asking the viewer the question “in what kind of world would we like to live?” in their debut production Nevergreen.

The alternate environmental lecture, Nevergreen begins to explore the environment’s complex nature. Delving into Carson’s extraordinary mind, the film wonders between Carson’s thoughts and questions, Carson’s observations of her local environment and her abstract ideas of the wider world. Capturing the biologist’s drive to learn more about nature’s processes, Katurah Morrish delivers a considered performance, creating a world encouraging curiosity throughout.

Nevergreen‘s split structure consisting of Carson indoors contemplating, outdoors amongst nature and Josh McClure‘s and Ana Zoob‘s inventive animated and visually artistic world, offer layers of complexity, allowing for various levels of understanding and questioning to take place. Moving from the literal, to more abstract ideas we’re reminded of how vast our world is, images of wildlife accompanied by their latin terms to landscapes from the sea to our industrialised urban environment highlight the connective and interdependent facet of our planet. Through this we’re able to appreciate our natural world more so, spoken word passages highlighting the beauty of the elements.

Directed by Eloïse Poulton, Nevergreen instils Carson’s scientific lens, we’re encouraged to look around us and to explore, observe and appreciate what we have yet also remember the part we play within our environment to protect it.

A timely piece of digital theatre tying in with current conversations had about the climate crisis  and the awareness brought towards it, over a century on, returning back to the original question – “in what kind of world would we like to live?”

The Living Record Festival is an online event taking place until Monday 22nd February 2021. To find out more about the production, and the festival’s programme, visit here…

Written by Theatrefullstop