Jam Tart/Lemon Kurd @ The Bread and Roses Theatre (Clapham Fringe 2021) Review

A celebration of womanhood and the experiences that have shaped our leads, writers Rhiannon Owens and Nick Maynard present Jam Tart/Lemon Kurd – two monologues delving into the relatable, offering up space to connect.

Katy Maw – Jam Tart

Starting off with Jam Tart, Katy Maw’s Clare offers an honest account of a woman post birthday, in her early 50s, looking back at the memories that have made her who she currently is. Tales of sibling rivalry, seeking adventure, motherhood, her job as a cleaner adding an air of honesty, a comedic suggestion from Clare of staging a jam wrestling event to aid a fundraising effort giving the show its quirky edge. Clare is warm, inviting and strong, we’re there for her to confide in us – a confessional experience. Owens’ writing authentic and entertaining to listen to.

Mary Tillett – Lemon Kurd

Completing the duo of monologues, Lemon Kurd, performed by Mary Tillett explores Cathy’s story, a widow in her 70s seeking love and companionship once more. Charismatic, Cathy draws on the murmurations of birds, the show’s through line, linking perfectly with the topic of migration covered. Cathy booking a holiday cleverly mirroring Clare’s need for travel in Jam Tart, we root for her as this is her fresh start. Lemon Kurd is your alternate news bulletin, topics of politics, migration and travel all delivered with charm at the comfort of Cathy’s own home, a subtle social commentary on the UK today. Lemon Kurd is able to juggle the heavy and light hearted with ease, highlighting Cathy’s story, one rarely heard but necessary. Maynard writes a witty piece of theatre whilst Natalie Winter directs an empowering set of monologues encouraging all to share in the lead’s experiences. Endearing.

Review written by Lucy Basaba.

Jam Tart/Lemon Kurd was shown on Friday 24th and Saturday 25th September 2021 at the Bread and Roses Theatre as part of their Clapham Fringe Festival 2021. To find out more about the festival, visit here…

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Written by Theatrefullstop