Letters @ Network Theatre Review

In a growingly technological world, whereby social media can often act as an initial point of the call, the concept of ‘the letter’ can seem distant. An email now the sign of our times, the writing and receiving of a physical letter connects us to a world of old, returning us back to a time whereby the letter dominated the realm of communication. Delving into the artistry of letter writing and the power of a letter in regards to uniting two or more souls who are at a distance, Kashyap Raja presents Letters at the Network Theatre.

Two friends, Mary (Alina Ilin) and Josh (Tom Everatt) suddenly find their circumstances change, this resulting in the pair parting ways physically with Mary returning back to her native Argentina and Tom relocating to India. A bond formed initially in person, in London, where they could very easily communicate and meet one another, they now encounter the next stage of their friendship, whereby a series of letters build up on their friendly foundations and ultimately determine the path of their bond.

Raja writes and directs a warm and entertaining piece. Communication connects us all, and the show constantly has you thinking of your own relationships, whether nearby or distant, and how we work to maintain them. Ilin and Everatt are a captivating couple to watch and listen to, we can often take for granted the bonds we share with others, especially if we’re nearby, but the letters written take centre stage, the pair drawing out the couple’s distinct personalities and constant mood shifts. How we interpret letters are fascinating to, we can often misinterpret meaning and lose their true intentions, and that’s fascinating to observe. We observe the ups and downs of a friendship, its uncertainties and this, especially during our technological age is thought provoking. Monika Gravagno‘s letter adorned staging beautifully roots all in the pair’s new world of communication, Letters a necessary watch as a means of exploring the building of a bond!

Review written by Lucy Basaba.

Letters was shown from Tuesday 22nd until Thursday 24th March 2022 at the Network Theatre. To find out more about the production, visit here…

Written by Theatrefullstop