Tenderfoot @ Drayton Arms Review

Those initial moments where an individual catches the eye of another individual they possibly envision themselves establishing a connection with are magical, said initial interactions gradually turning into an exciting unspoken conversation between two souls who connect on an energetic level, their chemistry now undeniable and increasingly difficult to ignore. An exploration of two people brought together by proximity, Edith Pearlman‘s  Tenderfoot observes the invisible, the subtle moments and actions that work together to form an undeniable bond.

Bobby (Aaron Cash) a university lecturer, catches the eye of Paige (Abi Kessel) the owner of a foot salon across the road from where he lives, he gazing down at Paige’s salon from his flat storeys high, she glancing up at him as he stands by his window, both appreciative of every subtle silent moment they share together establishing their bond. Two walks of life brought together from a distance as intrigue about the other’s cares and interests fuel curiosity and move things to the next step. A chance meeting of the two midway through the piece only confirming their passion for one another that much more.

Cash and Kessel ignite the show’s passionate flame beautifully, a simmering love/lust story that leaves you wondering how this will affect both individuals as time passes, Penny Cherns directs an exciting, entertaining work infused with sensual tango sequences, the perfect dance to map out the story of two love interests and the connection they share, footwork also an integral element of the tango and one that fits cleverly with the show’s title, Tenderfoot. Pearlman writes a concise 32 minute piece intelligently able to very quickly tap into the human condition, a skill not easy to master yet one that Pearlman does with ease!

Review written by Lucy Basaba.

Tenderfoot is currently showing until Saturday 30th April 2022 at the Drayton Arms Pub Theatre. To find out more about the production, visit here…

Written by Theatrefullstop