Salt @ Theatre503 Review

Almost confronted with the frightening prospect of a life without water in 2018, the inhabitants of Cape Town, South Africa, were the first in the world to suffer from a drought so severe, that water supplies dropped significantly low – forcing inhabitants to ration on water use. This fortunately did not last, with adequate rainfall finally putting an end to this worrying circumstance and increasing water levels once more. Zoning in on this possible reality within the UK 25 years from now, Magda Bird’s Salt acts as a warning and wake up call as to what could play out.

Sisters Rhu (Lisa Diveney), Eve (Ella-Rae Smith) and Tess (Sara Lessore) juggle their livelihoods with the constant pressures placed on their family as a result of their late father, Lewisham MP Alan Powell coming under scrutiny amidst his constant campaigns to save London from a prospective water shortage, and the strange circumstances surrounding his passing – protests on the rise in response to supposed corruption in regards to water supplies.

Bird boldly brings awareness to this sustainability issue that in reality very nearly meant a city went without this natural resource, something here that we take for granted, now a major focal point. Laura Clifford directs an entertaining 90 minutes, the production cleverly observing the messy nature of grief, sisterhood and the mounting speculation nationally about what exactly is behind the water crisis. Reputations are questioned, the need to get to the truth a driving force for some. Diveney, Smith and Lessore all very powerful within their own ways, Diveney’s Rhu, the locality’s shoulder to cry on as she facilitates socially aware discussions, Lessore’s Tess a tenacious go getter and Smith’s Eve, the youngest of the three siblings driven by social causes and student protests. We see three daughters left behind to pick up the pieces as they continue on, yet question their father’s legacy.

Written by Lucy Basaba.

Salt is currently showing until Saturday 17th September at Theatre503. To find out more about the production, visit here…

Written by Theatrefullstop