West Side Cabaret Story @ Proud Embankment Review

The Romeo and Juliet love story has really caught the imaginations of many, variations of the ill-fated love affair a staple of the globe’s artistic sphere. An adaptation of the Shakespearean tale, the multi-award winning and celebrated musical West Side Story, released in 1961, continues to grip audiences and inspire. Taking elements of the iconic musical, Proud London present West Side Cabaret Story, an energetic, compact interpretation of our star crossed lovers, Tony and Maria’s rendezvous.

Part cabaret, part dining experience, West Side Cabaret Story really grasps the privilege that it is to be back performing in a live space 2 years on from the pandemic. The vibe a laidback one, one that encourages the crowd to take in what’s going on at their own pace. A culmination of some of West Side Story‘s signature numbers – I Feel Pretty, America, Somewhere, Maria cleverly interpreted as Carlos Santana’s hit 1999 classic Maria Maria, theatrical moments – The Jets and The Sharks now reimagined as The Burlesquers and The Butch , Proud London present their own cheeky spin on the classic – contemporised, we slowly watch the cost of true love as the two troupes battle it out to reign supreme.

As the evening unfolds, a 3 course meal is served, courses served in between scenes, this allowing for all to soak up the atmosphere and catch up and check in with fellow friends and family – West Side Cabaret Story the perfect chance to take in the show, yet also connect with others. The show zones in on the musical’s romantic facet more than anything, the cabaret itself a loose interpretation of the classic. Beautifully sung pop classics, daring acrobatics on the aerial hoop, magical moments, feats of strength and prowess on balancing beams, a self assured, cool cyr wheel sequence, fearless fire dancing, voguing and bold marine inspired aerial rope sequences deliver a fun, jam packed evening – one that doesn’t take itself too seriously.

Written by Lucy Basaba.

West Side Cabaret Story is currently showing until Saturday 19th November 2022 at Proud London. To find out more about the production, visit here…

Written by Theatrefullstop