Fringe Society launch mass listening project in 75th anniversary year

The Edinburgh Festival Fringe Society is undertaking its biggest feedback drive in years following the conclusion of the 2022 festival.  With the return of artists and audiences on a scale not seen since before the pandemic, there was heightened interest across a range of areas last August. As the festival joins other global cultural events on the road to recovery, the Society team are seeking input from a wide range of Fringe constituents as it looks to address the key challenges and opportunities ahead.

Seeking input from artists, audiences, venues, producers, workers, community groups arts industry delegates, and those with access needs; over the next fortnight the Fringe Society will be inviting insight and detail on a range of topics.  From the recent Fringe experience to accommodation costs, barriers to participation, and the work of the Fringe Society, the detailed surveys will provide data to support the team on convening the right partners to address these issues.

The results of this consultation process will feed into work being undertaken following the launch of the new Fringe development goals last June.  In consultation with a wide range of stakeholders, the six goals set out to develop a Fringe which has thriving artists, supports fair work, removes barriers, creates a sense of good citizenship, supports net zero ambitions and ensures a world-class digital experience.

In taking the opportunity to learn from everyone’s experience of the 2022 Fringe, the Fringe Society will use this data to bring together the right people and partnerships to work towards solutions, and advocate for greater support to ensure the long-term sustainability of the Fringe.

Shona McCarthy, CEO of the Edinburgh Festival Fringe Society said “This year’s Festival was the first step on the road to recovery and we know the biggest challenge is the next 3 years.  It’s important that we gather evidence and case studies from our Fringe participants so that we can ensure the Society is armed with the facts and best equipped to make the case for where improvements can be made in advance of Fringe 2023.  We encourage everyone to take time to complete the survey specific to them and to provide as much information as they can.”

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Written by Theatrefullstop