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Located in the Greenwich Peninsula, roughly a 10 minute walk away from North Greenwich Station which is home to the O2 Arena, Morden Wharf homes an industrial & entrepreneurial hive. Starting life off as a theatrical space, Sugar Studios has gone on to become a multi-studiod space in high demand from some of the UK’s most exciting talents and organisations. Invited by the newly established arts venue, I’m greeted by Venue Manager Steph and Head of Marketing Loanne, who takes me on a guided tour of the vibrant venue.

The Infinity Stage

As I step into the buzzing space a pretty, decorative pink adorned food caravan perfectly plays on the venue’s name, artists able to choose from a comforting and nourishing menu consisting of croissants, toasted sandwiches, soups, salads and an afternoon tea option. The option to discuss catering requirements a possibility when getting in contact with the venue.  To my right, chilled, cosy waiting/rest area is a much needed and welcomed spot to pause, take a breath, mingle and plan for for the day ahead. A bright neon Sugar Studios sign a kind of signal further leading you into more chill out spaces and changing rooms. Roughly 45 degrees from the entrance houses one of the venue’s largest spaces, The Infinity Space. Catching my eye as I walk through the doorway, I capture a glimpse of a space ready for ideas to be realised, an expansive, U-shaped cove white studio with drive-in capability. A Mezzanine area also available for cast and creative teams to set up, use as a dressing area and back stage space if needs be.


The White/Black Box.

Opposite The Infinity Space is The White/Black Box – a playful nod to theatre, this smaller U-shaped coved studio space features black out curtains perfect for small live theatrical performances, or can be left with its white walled interior if required for either performing or filming. Neighbouring The White/Black Box, The Green Screen is perfect for filmmakers looking for an apt space to make their virtual, immersive worlds realities, green screen painted walls ready to house your imaginations and The Big Space is fit for large scale rehearsals for productions and films, as well as filming projects. A characterful arts space cultivating fresh ideas, it’s exciting to go on a tour of this vital environment, an environment supporting not only established stars of the moment, but emerging ones too.

It’s incredibly important more so now than ever to celebrate our creative industry – the expansion of the digital world one that defines our current era, the use of the studio for rehearsals, commercials, YouTube content, short films and more testament to this. The option to contact technicians if in need of additional crew an option, rigging and equipment available at the studios, to find out more about services provided, visit here…

The Big Space.



Written by Lucy Basaba.

To find out more about Sugar Studios, visit here…

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Written by Theatrefullstop