how did we get here? @ Sadler’s Wells Review

The ultimate question as to how and why we’re here is one that will forever intrigue mankind. Whether you don’t have an opinion, believe in religious ideas, spiritual ones, scientific ones, philosophical ones or a mixture of these, our outlooks on the world and how we perceive existence is in itself a powerful act. An exploration of what this looks like through the eyes of three dancers, Jules Cunningham’s how did we get here? ponders on the world beyond our immediate reality.

Courtesy of Camilla Greenwell.

Pool-like, at midnight, a black expansive square-shaped dance space accommodates Jules Cunningham, Harry Alexander and Melanie Chisholm. Set in the round, we take up space both on stage, and towards the front of the auditorium. What transpires is an hour that takes us to the stars and back, a dazzling disco ball emanating sparkle – indicative of the stars in our solar system that decorate the stage, Nina Simone’s Stars a warm, resonant, contemplative factor that encourages deep thought. Cunningham, Alexander and Chisholm shifting as the planets do, constantly in motion, fostering connection yet breaking away and dancing quite frankly to the beat of their own drums.

Connection is a welcoming take away from the performance, the importance of it, the fall out caused by its absence. The impact of things around their connection when in harmony and when not so. Contact a lovely feature of the evening as the dancers constantly reunite and maintain some sort of contact. Minimal sound from the cast a lovely addition that stands out, the mimicking of each other’s sound a powerful commentary on how vocal communication binds us and resonates around us.

how did we get here? shifts between the significant to the more playful, the bold question explored not clearly answered, but this in itself adding a sense of endearment to the show – as this is a mighty question to ask and answer. The show creates a world created within a space that switches you off from the chaos of the outside world.

Review written by Lucy Basaba.

how did we get here is currently showing until Sunday 29tb January 2023 at Sadler’s Wells. To find out more about the production, visit here…

Written by Theatrefullstop