Pretty Woman @ Savoy Theatre Review

When two worlds collide – that of a struggling escort and high flying businessman, their weeklong encounter takes on a whole new different meaning than initially once thought. J.F. Lawton‘s romantic 1990 comedy Pretty Woman a film that would become an instant hit, making both Richard Gere and Julia Roberts household names. More so of a drama in tone, the much loved film has taken to the stage, having enjoyed a 5 year run initially in the US, before landing here in the UK at the Savoy Theatre. Taking on a more musical tone, Vivian and Edward’s love story continues.

From the gritty, dingy, bright neon-lighted clubs of LA, to the glitzy, glamorous, decadence of the Regent Beverly Wilshire Hotel amongst other high society scenarios – the evening spans between escort Vivian (Elly Mae) and Edward’s (Danny Mac) interactions on a personal level, their interactions amongst others in higher circles, Vivian’s comical interactions with roommate and fellow escort Kit De Luca (Courtney Bowman) and Edward’s manouevering within the entrepreneurial world, all scenarios that are fascinating to watch. The show really is about Vivian and Edward’s bond, and this we see clearly unfold well. Mae’s gregarious Vivian and Mac’s aloof Edward both charming to watch, their vocals incredible! We see beyond the labels which is a very important thing, a powerful partnership there.

Bryan Adams and Jim Vallance paint a vivacious auditory picture with their considered music and lyrics and Jerry Mitchell captures LA’s 90s vibrance with a forever immersive energy thanks to the lovely ensemble especially whenever scenes take place outside. This contrasts well with the leads’ more considered, intimate moments. Pretty Woman is a nostalgic look back at the world carved out in the film, and is especially for the fans of it. The musical covering an array of themes well, in particular class and relationships.

Written by Lucy Basaba.

Pretty Woman is currently showing until Sunday 11th June 2023 at the Savoy Theatre. To find out more about the production, visit here…

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Written by Theatrefullstop