Illuminate Your Spotlight – ‘A Spotlight On’ Coming Soon

In celebration of World Theatre Day 2023, leading West End and Broadway theatre producers have announced that in April 2023 they will be illuminating your curiosity with A Spotlight On. They will soon be shining a light on the people, artistry, and culture of theatre like never before as they launch something special that will ignite the passion of every theatre lover.

The joint founders and CEOs of A Spotlight On said:

“World Theatre Day celebrates the essence, beauty, and importance of theatre all across the world and the symbolic impact that theatre has on life. The uniquely collaborative art form that is built not on any one individual, but on hundreds of different players. Those on stage. And those behind. Each one a storyteller. We are thrilled to launch A Spotlight On, on World Theatre Day a place that celebrates each and every one of these artists and the incredible industry they inhabit. The movers, shakers and show-makers. At our core, the simple mantra to motivate, educate and inspire anyone with an interest in theatre. To get up close and personal with the people they already know and love and introduce the other crucial roles that exist behind the curtain. A Spotlight On is for anyone who loves theatre and needs to know more about the people and roles that make it one of the greatest art forms in the world.”

In advance of the launch, a secret star-studded event where the full details of the project will be revealed will take place in London’s West End. Theatre enthusiasts from all over the world can sign up to find out more and (for UK residents only) the chance to join the producers there. All entries must be completed by midnight on Friday 31st March 2023.

The lucky ones who sign up (UK entries only), and are selected, will get VIP access to the exclusive launch in London, an overnight stay in a London hotel, and much more. All entries must be completed by midnight on Friday 31st March 2023.

To enter the ballot and to find out more about A Spotlight On visit here…

Written by Theatrefullstop