Phantom Peak’s Platypus Parade Review

I was recently invited to the launch of new immersive venue The Platypus Parade – an experience taking us back to the deserted, mysterious climes of the Wild West – specifically to PlatyWorld. A short walk away from Canada Water station, the venue’s signage fosters intrigue, the crimson red adorned, mustard yellow scribed banner standing out from the modernity of the locality – inevitably creating a great starting point into a world other than our own.

Once we step inside the venue, Glen Hughes’ the vast multi-levelled space inspires the imagination. An antiquated saloon to our left becomes the stage for live actors to induct us into this world. To our right, touchscreens displaying an Americana menu that are simple to use and a bar also, with a selection of drinks to pick from just goes to show that hospitality is key. I choose the chicken burger (with a black bun) and fries and accompany this with a Bellini cocktail which I thoroughly enjoy. I then explore Platypus Parade and it’s many mysteries, visiting an array of themed rooms filled with games and puzzles to solve. A mixture of fair games and 80s computer games, we’re gifted the opportunity to explore the venue at our own pace – there’s no rush so we all determine how our experience goes – especially as there isn’t necessarily a starting point. My only wish is that we have some sort of mechanism that ties our experiences together – like a map of some kind that leads to some sort of resolution… or maybe the point of the experience is to not have any sort of competitive element to it at all?

It’s as if we step into a multi-million dollar budgeted film set and we’re actors ready to embark on the next filmic adventure – which inspires awe of course. The live actors throughout are very convincing – aides who guide us through the world we’re now in, adding a lively energy to the experience. To end, you have the choice of dining outside, by a grand, ornate platypus statue that forms the outdoor section’s centre piece. Rows of blue panelled walkways above a canal a stunning feature that I can imagine will really beam during the summer months. If you’re looking for a themed chill out spot, The Platypus Parade is the place to go!

Written by Lucy Basaba.

The Playpus Parade is open until Thursday 1st June 2023. To find out more about the experience, visit here…

Written by Theatrefullstop