Snowflakes @ Park Theatre Review

A term indicative of where we’re at in the generational cultural war, ‘Snowfkake’ has become synonymous with both the Millennial and Gen Z generations who are deemed to be seen as easily offended and self righteous. A marker of our digital age, social media has become the ‘town square’ for people to discuss, debate and connect. Tapping into this phenomenon, writer Robert Boulton presents Snowflakes – an closer look at what happens when digital vigilantism takes an unexpected turn.

Courtesy of Jennifer Evans.

Self apppointed judge – jury – executioner, Marcus (Boulton) and Sarah (Louise Hoare) take it upon them selves to trial successful writer Tony (Henry David) – who in recent weeks has received negative press in response to alleged sexual assault claims. Housed in the penthouse of a swanky central London based hotel, the three partake in a tense confrontation that attempts to get to the bottom of said allegations. Marcus and Sarah hellbent on seeking justice and revenge, Tony wanting to escape the brutal reality he now faces – this all caught on live recorded feeds to those who want answers.

Snowflakes boldly examines our current climate of digital vigilantism, very much picking at the complexities that this action finds itself faced with and the motivations of those that do it. Boulton bravely addressing this uncomfortable setting with a confidence of seeming to know what’s going to happen, but this however abruptly disrupted by a spontaneity that inevitably impacts how the encounter will play out. Boulton’s Marcus is steely and self assured, leading the brutal exchange, Hoare’s Sarah is naive yet resilient – enamoured by Boulton’s unphased approach to what he does and David’s Tony is part disoriented, part well put together as he attempts to put forward his side of the story – one that opposes public opinion.

Snowflakes is a provocative production, resonant of our times, it puts forward the idea of the court of public opinion – and the power of this once an opinion has formed. It picks at the raw emotion felt when confronting said issues which is very important when exploring such sensitive subjects and redemption. Social media is a massive part of the world we live in now, with so much recorded and posted for millions of eyes to see, and this production instills this very well.

Written by Lucy Basaba.

Snowflakes is currently showing until Saturday 6th May 2023 at the Park Theatre. To find out more about the production, visit here…

Written by Theatrefullstop