Supernova @ Omnibus Theatre Review

Finding that special someone is a great thing, drawn together by shared interests and an unquestionable romantic pull, the start of a relationship can often be of another world – red flags dismissed, everything seemingly well with the world at the time – until time seeps in and realities hit home. Examining this further in her VAULT Origins Award 2023 nominated show, Rhiannon Neads presents Supernova, a look at how a couple of cosplayers, in love with space collide and navigate their newly found connection.

Tess (Neads) and Harry (Sam Swann) immediately hit it off at a fancy dress party, Tess dressed in a glimmering astronaut outfit, Harry adorned in a corduroy suit and red fez, Harry’s quick wit something that gradually wins Tess over – the pair’s undeniable chemistry moving on beyond their initial encounter. What we see play out is a couple doing what they can to make their relationship work, Harry head over heels in love with Tess, Tess at points at odds with her self esteem, constantly dismissing compliments that come her way.

Neads crafts a fun sci-fi/romantic piece that instantly connects with a Big Bang Theory generation of audience members interested in the lives of those working within the scientific realm navigating their day to day. Neads and Swann’s chemistry pure, their flirty and playful connection steeped in authenticity. Reams of scientific knowledge scattered throughout the production a nod to their joy of the sciences and a constant reminder of just how small they both are in the grand scheme of things.

Jessica Dromgoole directs a quietly intense and intimate piece, one that zones in on Tess and Harry’s bumpy process when it comes to learning how to live together, under the same roof. Two separate energies trying to keep in sync with one another, all seeming well to begin with before circumstances regarding mental health come into play. Supernova perfectly gets what it is to try and make a meaningful connection work in the face of the unpredictable.

Written by Lucy Basaba.

Supernova is currently showing until Saturday 13th May 2023 at the Omnibus Theatre. To find out more about the production, visit here…


Written by Theatrefullstop