Full Programme Announced for A Pinch of VAULT 2023 – tickets on sale now

Following the record breaking success of VAULT Festival 2023, which welcomed more than 81,000 audience members to 553 shows, VAULT Creative Arts presents the second annual A Pinch of VAULT. More than 60 shows will appear in this year’s festival which will take place at The Glitch and Sino Thai in Waterloo, running from Wednesday 24th May – Sunday 18th June 2023. A Pinch of VAULT will feature four exciting weeks of brand new and work-in-progress theatre and comedy, giving audiences the chance to see performances for the very first time in an intimate setting. This year, the programme features two weeks dedicated to comedy [24th May – 4th June], and two weeks dedicated to theatre and performance [6th – 18th June] with tickets for all performances on sale now.

Announced today, this year’s A Pinch of VAULT Theatre programme includes Kaarina Kendall’s Around The Lake at Echo Park, a through-the-looking-glass, alternative comedy that is gripping, absurd & full of heart, 20B Thanet Road from Chronic Insanity, and Bad Sex from Theo Hristov, about an actor who suffers a very public meltdown after a personal tragedy sends him into a spiral. Fur Coat No Knickers Theatre presents Vanilla, a testimony of young womanhood navigating their way in the land of the (sexually) free, walking the fine line of pleasure, pain, and the fear of being boring. A queer, weird fiction, lyrical play about housing insecurity, displacement and corporate development in the form of Hive arrives from mushmoss collective; while Flat 4 Theatre invites audiences to Stuck, a brand-new dark-comedy exploring friendship, incel ideology and two friends who end up in way over their heads.

Additional highlights from the theatre programme include Polis Loizou’s I Was A Teenage Bisexual; a horror B movie infused with folklore, storytelling and poetry in which you’ll meet a creature so terrifying most humans dare not speak its name: the BISEXUAL, and Amiot HillsANTICHRIST which combines hilarity and horror in a riotous satanic-panic exploring transness and fear of pregnancy. Join performance storyteller Vickie Holden on a gender fluid journey into some deep water themes and explore the best of myth, legend and real life in Fluid, and witness Bradley’s comeback to drag in West Avenue’s funny, warm-hearted, extremely queer play about moving on from trauma, the power of community, and the restorative force of a Britney Spears banger.

Active B!tch Face Theatre presents four stories from four women whose lives changed under Violent Circumstances. Written in response to the murder of Sarah Everard, this unfiltered, angry and darkly comic piece exposes the often ignored experiences of women’s everyday struggles with sexism, harassment and violence. In A RITE OF PASSAGE by Masiza & Van Den Hende, a father and a son attempt to mend the broken pieces of their relationship, dealing with the cultural, social and political issues of being an immigrant and a young black man living in the UK.

Adele Reeves, Programme Producer says,

“VAULT Creative Arts, we are really interested in offering a wide range of accessible opportunities. I believe that A Pinch of VAULT is particularly important, as it gives space to work that is in the middle of its creative process, and might not yet be ready for a more formal setting. It enables artists to test out their work and take the artistic risks they need to take without financial or creative fear.”

Shows at A Pinch of VAULT Comedy include works by Mariana Feijó, Derek Mitchell, Joshua Robertson, Mr Tit aka Piotr Sikora, The Barry, Brian & Bean Company, Adam Riches, Maddie Campion, Nick Everritt, Amy Webber, Stevie Martin, Jake Baker, Kathryn Mather, Rich Spalding, Micky Overman, Kathy Maniura, Jo Griffin, Sharlin Jahan, Lou Taylor, Shalaka Kurup, Alex Bertulis-Fernandes, Farah Sharp, and Sharon Wanjohi.

Tickets for A Pinch of VAULT Theatre are on sale now here…

A Pinch of VAULT features work led by migrants and refugees, the LGBTQIA+ community, disabled and neurodiverse performers, working class artists, and  African and Asian diaspora led work. The festival promises a thrilling mix of relevant, absorbing and hilarious new live performance across theatre and comedy, with exciting and original work from leading artists with plenty of fun surprises in store for audiences. With tickets starting from only £5, it’s an affordable and entertaining way to spend a summer evening.

A Pinch of VAULT comes in the wake of VAULT Festival’s ongoing #SaveVAULT campaign, launched due to the loss of their original home which leaves the future of VAULT Festival in jeopardy. So far over £35,000 has been raised to support VAULT Festival’s survival, and the campaign is still live, with aims to raise a further £100,000 and continue the festival’s mission.

Written by Theatrefullstop