Invisible @ Bush Theatre Review

Although an exciting, otherworldly industry to be a part of – one responsible for igniting the imaginations of many, the world of acting can often be a precarious one, one where you’re left eagerly awaiting opportunities that could lead to that career defining role or two. Juggling a 9 to 5 with castings a reality for many passionate about performance, hopeful that their dreams will become realities. Returning to the Bush Theatre after a critically acclaimed run in 2021, writer and performer Nikhil Parmar presents Invisible – a one man show looking at the moments behind the scenes, in between the acting roles, laying bare the emotional turmoil that lies behind what we see on our screens and stages.

Courtesy of Henri T.

Parmar from the get go leads with an assured charm, no dull moment throughout, his ability to perfectly time the show’s comical core is enjoyable to watch. Parmar’s Zayan an aspiring actor battling his own inner demons – he sells drugs as a means to get by and battles with his own mental health, traumas deeply rooted that he himself struggles to combat. Alongside him dealing with the fall out of a previous relationship and co-parenting a child with his ex, his vulnerability shines. The evening feels like a confessional, no holds barred, his arch nemesis Terence – drama school alumni and current partner to his ex an inescapable antagonistic figure who fuels his discontent more so.

Parmar writes an authentic hour with a sharp flair, an honest look at what acting and juggling life around this looks like, weaving in acting references throughout to draw us in ever closer to his world of castings and filming days. Typecasting a reality that many are familiar with, a lack of opportunities something he’s accustomed to which frustrates. Georgia Green directs a dynamic evening, Parmar’s effortless ability to impersonate the various characters that form his fractured world entertaining to experience. A must see!

Written by Lucy Basaba.

Invisible is currently showing until Friday 9th June 2023 at the Bush Theatre. To find out more about the production, visit here…

Written by Theatrefullstop