60 Minutes of Mood Swings @ The Rotunda Theatre (Brighton Fringe Festival 2023) Review

Cues both overt and covert dictate how women should behave, perceptions of the ‘model woman’ deeply rooted in a patriarchal gaze and drummed into our consciousness throughout our lifetime. In a time where we’re breaking down issues of gender, sexuality and mental health amongst other human qualities, we’re asked to question the systems and structures that once were and navigate a new, fairer world. An exploration of femininity and what this means to the OnTheNose cast, 60 Minutes of Mood Swings unashamedly shatter the patriarchal lense in which we’ve observed the world for millennia and usher in something excitingly new

Located on an unforgiving patriarchal-centric boot camp, OnTheNose await the harsh instructions of an overseeing eye. The bootcamp’s aim to transform these five – already powerful in their own right – women into the so called societal ideal. Taking on the ‘ugly duckling trope’ we often see play out in various arenas, where we’re invited to watch an individual’s process of transformation into a ‘better’ version of themselves, the show lightheartedly pokes fun at this, and with it cleverly starts to pick at the hidden truths as to why the quintet hold the insecurities that they do.


Tied together meticulously by witty, punchy musical numbers, OnTheNose carve out a timely feminist musical, a musical that fights back against oppression and celebrates the power of womanhood. The show embodying an unrivalled feeling of sisterhood, despite the competitive nature of the bootcamp established which within itself is very quickly broken down and discarded! OnTheNose work together to dismantle patriarchy, making for an entertaining watch!

Written by Lucy Basaba.

60 Minutes of Mood Swings was shown from Thursday 25th until Saturday 27th May 2023 at the Rotunda Theatre as part of this year’s Brighton Fringe Festival. To find out more about the production, visit here…

Written by Theatrefullstop