We Will Rock You the Musical @ London Coliseum Review

For over 50 years now, the music of Queen has has become an integral catalogue with the rock ‘n’ roll stratosphere. The late Freddie Mercury’s unrivalled, undeniable stage presence one admired and celebrated. Inspired by the eclectic works of Queen, TV comedian, actor and writer Ben Elton would go on to premiere We Will Rock You the Musical in 2002 at the Dominion Theatre. Panned by critics, but loved by fans all over, the show would go on to become the 11th longest running musical in the West End history – a very impressive feat. Returning back to London at its new temporary home for the next 12 weeks, the London Coliseum, Elton – who also plays the musical’s leader of the Bohemians, Pop – plugs us into today’s tech-centric universe.

A case of the old world battling the new world, We Will Rock You the Musical places Galileo’s (Ian McIntosh) and Scaramouche’s (Elena Skye) plight to retain all that is individual and true. CEO of organisation Globalsoft, Killer Queen (Brenda Edwards) and her loyal henchman Khasshogi (Lee Mead), the shows love to hate villains hell bent on ruling the minds of the majority. A timely watch, Elton’s reality rings true. The show factoring in our increasingly AI centred world, a world swayed by algorithms and online presence rather than IRL (in real life) interactions. Queen lyrics laced throughout, perhaps a tad cheesy but playful – this component endears.

McIntosh’s Galileo freely embodying an unwavering rebellious spirit, Skye’s Scaramouche complimenting this humourously with a more rooted, sarcastic quality. Edward’s villainous Killer Queen tenacious, Mead’s Khasshogi cunning and able to instinctively read comical moments which doesn’t go unnoticed. Christine Allado’s Meat Loaf is fierce, Adrian Hansel’s Brit – self assured. The ensemble consisting of Glenn Adamson, Laura Ava-Scott, Esme Bacalla-Hayes, Liam Buckland, David Burilin, Victoria Collins, Isaac Edwards, Leanne Garretty, Lucy Glover, Ryesha Higgs, Ellis Linford-Pill, Shak Mancel James, David McIntosh, Danny Nattrass, Jarryd Nurden, Jenny O’Leary, Sam Robinson, Madison Swan, Karen Walker and Rebecca Wickes inject the show with a riotous charisma.

The band – musical director Stuart Morley, assistant musical director/keys Arlene McNaught, guitarists Nick Radcliffe and Nick Kendall, bassist Neil Murray and drummer Dave Cottrell fuel the production with soul, you’ll find it tough to not sing along or dance to the instantly recognisable rhythms of Queen. A fun night out!

We Will Rock You the Musical is currently playing until Sunday 27th August 2023 at the London Coliseum. To find out more about the production, visit here…

Written by Theatrefullstop