I Can’t Make Sense @ Bread and Roses Theatre Review

Grief can take on many forms – how we process it, and exhibit it unique to the individual. The loss of a parental figure a devastating reality many face, a life changing event that has you assess yourself and the interactions had with the external world. Exploring this further in expressionist play I Can’t Make Sense, Vogue Giambri daringly stares many a taboo in the face and confronts them head on.

Victoria Ratermanis’ unfiltered, carefree Jaz grapples with the loss of her mother – a bond plagued with chaos and unpredictability. Through Jaz, her mother’s spirit lives – but not through rose tinted glasses, rather by the vices that gripped her mother’s being. Jaz adamant that she won’t follow in her mother’s footsteps of addiction and traumatic encounters experienced, her life path however tottering a fine line between avoiding this yet not being able to break the tumultuous familial pattern.

Giambri writes a bolshie, vulnerable fever dream play, the energies that exist within this meta reality at constant odds with one another and drawing out certain aspects of Jaz’s complex personality further. Interactions – lyrical boxing matches where there doesn’t necessarily seem to be a winner. Lauren Fern’s fiery Kelsey – half sister to Jaz, drawing out a relentless stream of hostility and reconciliation – both of them constantly at loggerheads with one another – especially after their mother’s passing.

Dion Costelloe’s straight talking Billy, a construction worker, entertains flirtatious encounters with Jaz and Fernando Ruiz’s moral compass/steady Dylan, Jaz’s ex draws out her more guarded/combative side. The production a spiralling into the emotional and psychological unknown – a painful, comical, raw therapeutic endeavour that’s a must for Jaz – something she must go through to heal and confront her demons.

Written by Lucy Basaba.

I Can’t Make Sense is currently showing until Saturday 24th June 2023 at the Bread and Roses Theatre. To find out more about the production, visit here…

Written by Theatrefullstop