Candy @ Park Theatre Review

The power of the alter ego allows for the individual putting on a persona to release their inhibitions and access an authentic part of themselves perhaps many others themselves identify or connect with. A magnification of a facet perhaps overlooked normally, however realised dependent on circumstance. An exploration of drag, sexuality, performance, fleeting love and connecting with oneself, Tim Fraser crafts the production Candy.

Michael Waller’s Will navigates a steady work – home – social life, Candy an observant one man show not afraid to have a laugh. Presenting Will as someone who we’d deem as a typically masculine figure at the fore, balanced with a clever deconstruction of a drag performance – delivered by Candy, who in turn turns out to be someone Will knows, their real name Billy. Fraser shows the might and meticulousness of Fraser’s storytelling – as life is, the show Candy is complicated – Will drawn to Candy, an alter ego who musters feelings of attraction within Will. Billy able to be their true self on stage, embodying Candy’s mannerisms and personality.

Waller engages from the get go, a steady stream of consciousness, we’re drawn into Will’s world. We witness a fleeting love/lust that preoccupies Will’s life for a time, the show heightening the inward battles we often have with ourselves and how we can be our own worst enemies, it also bravely tackling the topic of sexuality that brings about a fresh perspective which is informative. Waller masterfully switches from Will to Candy throughout, the multi-rolling vital for Will’s story to resonate. Will’s family, friends and colleagues mentioned placing Will in the real world – the contrast between reality and the fleeting world a powerful dynamic to watch play out. Situated amongst a glamorous disco balled,  pink tinsel curtained aesthetic, Candy makes for an entertaining evening.

Written by Lucy Basaba.

Candy is currently showing until Saturday 9th September at the Park Theatre. To find out more about the production, visit here…

Written by Theatrefullstop