‘South Facing’ X ‘Live Nation’ presents Yussef Dayes Presents: Summer Dayes

Today, South Facing and Live Nation present a brand-new music festival experience for summer 2024. Yussef Dayes Presents: Summer Dayes will take place on Sunday, August 4th, at South London’s Crystal Palace Bowl for a day of incredible live music, west Indian food offerings, jelly coconuts, yoga classes with Dave Dayes (Yussef’s dad), all happening in and around the venue’s natural outdoor amphitheatre. Tickets go on general sale Friday, March 15th, 2024, at 10 am GMT, exclusively at livenation.co.uk.

Curated by Southeast London’s very own Yussef Dayes, this festival is a major hometown moment for Yussef as he grew up in the surrounding area. The festival boasts an eclectic lineup of diverse and dynamic artists, headlined by none other than the visionary drummer and producer Yussef himself. Renowned for his innovative blend of jazz, hip-hop, and electronic influences, Dayes has captivated audiences worldwide with his boundary-pushing soundscapes and mesmerizing performances, including a sold-out show at the iconic Royal Albert Hall last year and a Brit nomination off the back of his debut album Black Classical Music. This new festival will be a highlight of the summer calendar, combining music, culture, and community and featuring an exciting lineup of musical talents spanning various genres and styles.  Joining Yussef at the main stage at Summer Dayes are an impressive cohort of his talented friends, including Masego, Greentea Peng, Sango, Charlotte Day Wilson, Jordan Ward, Venna and Luedji Luna.  The festival will be hosted by non-other than Munya Chawawa, the social media viral sensation, you can expect Munya’s satirical humour, rapid-reactive commentary, and roster of original personalities to keep the vibe going throughout the day.
Expect nothing less than a fusion of jazz, soul, R&B, and funk performances that will captivate audiences of all ages, complemented by London’s top street food vendors and bars encased in the iconic south outdoor venue, which has over 60 years of live music heritage as performance space.

Scheduled Performers for Yussef Dayes Presents: Summer Dayes:

  • Yussef Dayes
  • Special guest: Masego
  • Greentea Peng
  • Sango
  • Charlotte Day Wilson
  • Jordan Ward
  • Venna
  • Luedji Luna
About Yussef Dayes:
Yussef Dayes, a tour-de-force behind the drums, is widely recognized as one of the most electrifying live performers of his generation. Raised in South London, he’s a producer, composer, and drummer whose performances are a captivating blend of technical mastery, intense passion, and raw emotion. From a young age, Yussef was immersed in a musical environment, honing his skills with the guidance of mentors like Billy Cobham.His musical palette spans continents, influenced by everything from East/West African rhythms to the gritty sounds of grime and jungle. Viewing jazz as a form of black classical music, he sees it as a platform for spiritual expression and cultural exploration. His breakthrough came with the duo Yussef Kamaal and their critically acclaimed album “Black Focus” in 2016, which became a touchstone for a generation navigating the multicultural landscape of Brexit-era Britain.Since then, Dayes has continued to push boundaries, collaborating with a diverse range of artists across music and fashion. From his partnership with Tom Misch on “What Kinda Music” to his remixes and productions for artists like Kali Uchis and Kehlani, his versatility knows no bounds.Championed by the late visionary Virgil Abloh, Dayes has expanded his reach beyond music, curating shows and collaborating on multi-disciplinary projects. Now, with his debut solo studio album on the horizon and a new partnership with Warner Music / Brownswood Recordings and Cashmere Thoughts Recordings, Yussef Dayes is poised to captivate audiences worldwide, challenging preconceptions about instrumentalist artists and the boundaries of jazz.

About Masego:
Masego, the Jamaican-American maestro and Grammy-nominated artist, has pioneered a fusion of sounds, evolving from “traphousejazz” to a groundbreaking multicultural blend. His upbringing in a nomadic military family has instilled in him a rich tapestry of experiences, which reflect in his exploration of love, life, and identity, delivered with razor-sharp precision.

About Charlotte Day Wilson:
Charlotte Day Wilson, the Toronto-born singer-songwriter, producer, and multi-instrumentalist, is renowned for her ability to capture timeless emotions in her music. Her debut album “Cyan Blue,” set to release on May 3 by XL Recordings, delves into past, present, and future, creating a panoramic view of life’s complexities through a sonic palette that blends gospel, soul, electronica, and R&B.

About Greentea Peng:
Greentea Peng, the celebrated neo-soul artist from south London, captivates audiences with her unique blend of psychedelic R&B and thought-provoking lyrics. Her debut album “MAN MADE,” recorded at 432 Hz, subtly amplifies the enigmatic aura she exudes, delving into questions of identity, home, and belonging.

About Jordan Ward:
Jordan Ward, emerging as one of R&B’s rising stars, delivers silky croons and elevated songwriting abilities, showcased in his upcoming debut studio album “Forward.” His music reflects themes of evolving, breaking generational cycles, and celebrating togetherness, hardship, and triumph, with collaborations from upcoming stars adding depth to his storytelling.

About Luedji Luna:
Luedji Luna mesmerizes audiences with her enchanting vocals and poignant songwriting, drawing inspiration from Afro-Brazilian rhythms and traditions. Her rising star in Brazil’s vibrant music scene showcases her ability to create immersive sonic landscapes that push the boundaries of genre, capturing the essence of her cultural roots.

About Sango:
Sango, known for his innovative approach to electronic music, seamlessly blends hip-hop, R&B, and Brazilian funk to create immersive sonic landscapes. His music pushes the boundaries of genre, reflecting his diverse influences and unique sonic vision, captivating audiences with its depth and creativity.

About Venna:
Venna’s musical journey, marked by dynamic saxophone skills and versatile production credits, continues to captivate audiences worldwide with his recent EP “Equinox” and acclaimed collaborations. From solo endeavours to enriching tracks by artists worldwide, Venna’s versatility and artistry shine through, leaving an indelible mark on records and audiences alike.

Tickets for Summer Dayes festival will go on sale starting Friday, March 15th, 2024, at 10am, exclusively at livenation.co.uk

Written by Theatrefullstop