Paris Smith Solicitors to extend sponsorship of Mayflower Theatre

Mayflower Theatre is thrilled to announce the renewal of Paris Smith Solicitors’ long-standing 30+ year partnership with Mayflower Theatre.

A number of years ago, Paris Smith also extended its support to MAST Mayflower Studios, which fosters artist development and promotes youth engagement. The new arrangement follows the fusion of these two wonderful and different venues under Mayflower’s banner, underscoring Paris Smith‘s commitment to nurturing the arts and culture for now and for the next generation.

Over the 30-year partnership millions of people will have seen the sponsorship through the famous Paris Smith Logo on the theatre’s fire curtain. Paris Smith has helped make the arts available to people of all backgrounds by funding over nearly half a million free and reduced-price tickets for students, seniors, and families in need.

The sponsorship has also contributed to allowing Mayflower to provide arts education workshops to multiple schools and community organisations, nurturing creativity and self-expression in thousands of children. Paris Smith has helped bring world-renowned dance, musical artists and theatrical productions to Southampton, Mayflower Theatre being resplendent with 2271 seats, the third largest regional theatre by capacity in the country.

The renewal of Paris Smith’s sponsorship reaffirms its commitment to keeping art, culture and creative opportunities thriving and accessible in the community, reaching ever more people.

Huw Miles, Managing Partner of Paris Smith, expressed his enthusiasm for the continued partnership, stating, “Our relationship with Mayflower Theatre is much more than a sponsorship; it’s a shared journey in promoting arts and culture that enrich our community. Renewing this partnership reflects our dedication to the arts and our belief in its power to inspire and transform lives.”

Michael Ockwell, Chief Executive of Mayflower Theatre and Creative Director of MAST Mayflower Studios, says “The wonderful backing of Paris Smith over the past three decades has been incredible. Their support has been instrumental in our growth and success, allowing us to present the very best productions on our stages and meet the Trust’s objective to enhance the arts provision in Hampshire. There is a tangible positive impact on our community through the educational opportunities we are able to offer as a direct result of this partnership. We are thrilled to continue this fruitful relationship and look forward to more collaborative achievements ahead.”

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Written by Theatrefullstop