Taiko Drummer and founder of YAMATO Drummers Masa Ogawa talks about latest show ‘The Wings of Phoenix’ to play at Sadler’s Wells

Since the troupe’s inception 30 years ago, YAMATO Drummers have stunned the world with their visually striking Taiko drum adorned set ups and heart thumping rhythms, the company’s originator Masa Ogawa transporting the ancient Japanese performance form to the masses. The troupe’s next show stopping performance – The Wings of the Phoenix set to take to the Peacock Theatre stage from Tuesday 4th until Saturday 22nd June. Ahead of opening night, Masa tells us more about the show’s premise, why he’s excited to bring the show to London – one of the world’s greatest hubs for performance and entertainment and why you should attend the show!

What is the show about?

For our upcoming shows in London, YAMATO presents The Wings of Phoenix. The powerful and warm booming sound of the Taiko drums, likened to a heartbeat, awaits you. We hope to share with everyone gathered at the Peacock Theatre the energy of “rising like a phoenix amidst various challenges.” After the show, let that energy fill your hearts and bodies, as we deliver performances that will empower you for tomorrow.

Are you excited to bring the show to London?

Since its formation in 1993, YAMATO has performed over 4,500 shows in 54 countries across 30 years. Among these experiences, our performance in London holds a special place. This is because London stands as one of the world’s greatest hubs for performing arts and entertainment. Perhaps it’s the sense of “taking on a challenge” that adds to the anticipation. Despite being seasoned performers, there’s an overwhelming nervousness among us as we prepare for the show. Yet, there’s also an equal amount of excitement. We are currently
touring in the Netherlands and we aim to bring an even more polished performance to excite the people of London.

What is your role in the show?

I am the founder of YAMATO and have been performing for 30 years. I also create compositions and direct the show.

How long have you been with the company?

I founded the company in 1993 and have more than 30 years of experience in Taiko drumming.

What can audiences expect?

YAMATO is dedicated to spreading vitality and energy to people everywhere, no matter where they are in the world. From newborns to those over a hundred years old, we’ve met countless of individuals. Our impact goes beyond anything energy drinks or vitamins can offer, especially for those who might be feeling a bit weary and tired- our audiences can expect to walk away feeling revitalised.

Why should people come to the show?

The power of the Taiko drums’ sound is extraordinary. From delicate echoes that resonate with the soul to thunderous booms that pierce through the body, the sound of the Taiko drums has been rumbling in this world since ancient times, akin to the beating heart of the Earth. It harmonizes with the rhythm of your heartbeat, pulsating through your body.
The largest drum has a diameter of nearly 2 meters and weighs around 500 kilograms. Various types and sizes of drums line the stage. They are played by the YAMATO Drummers, who have honed their skills both physically and mentally.
It’s an indescribable sensation that defies imagination.

When is it on?

YAMATO will be in London from June 4th until June 22nd.

YAMATO presents The Wings of Phoenix will show from Tuesday 4th until Saturday 22nd June at the Peacock Theatre. To find out more about the production, visit here…

Written by Theatrefullstop